Undwind my travelpack(Travel tips for long flights)

Okay, so I when’t home again to my homecontry, Japan, a little time ago. I   curently live in Norway  due to studies. I am half Japanese so, Norway is my homecontery as well I Guess. Well anyway lets start unpacking!

First off all some tips about the destination and  what you shold do before going.

1. Make a timetable if you are traveling With  a friend.

I diden’t do that and burned myself on it so you should plan in detail everyday for the weeks you are staying.

like when you have to wakeup to do the different activities and what to do.

If you are travelig With a friend, don’t just choose the first one who sayes yes to travel With you choose the one  you know to detale and trust. Choose one you have good mach With.

2. Airplane

If you are travelig by plane it is smart to have some preperations.

Airplane beauty.

skin: wear a Nice moturizing cream and have a Liquid spray With you onbord together With day and night creams. Up in the sky its very dry air, so think about that and keep Your skin healty.

FaceMask: It is so confertable With a face mask, tink about it, a spa 10 000 feet up in the sky!

Makeup: before flying you don’t want to wear to much makeup. Wear a light eyeshadow and eyeliner, some lipgloss and in the flight take it all off, before taking a nap.

What should I take With me in the makeup bag?: Creams, face mask, Liquid spray(dont kow what it is called) makeup remover.

Keep in mid that you can not  take With you too much Liquid into the cabin.  so poor Your makeup remover into a small container if not you can buy make-up remover tissues from foreks: mac.


wear something cofertable, buying blood circulation socks aren’t a bad idea ether. And have shoes that are easy to putt on and off. Mabe sneekers With lases aren’t such a good idea?


save some spage to the Things you buy at the destination!

You can take With you one bag into the cabin, so this is where you put: one book,toothbrush,cleansing water, scarf(its ofen gets chily inside the plane) Your makeup kit, snaks and Music.

I hope you enjoied my little guide and good flight!

PS: I put in images soon!;)


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