Mision: Perfect

I have never realy thought about Perfect, as something I wanted to be. Not before now. After the accident.

Yes, I had a car accident, that left be scars , for life.

I have many People I can Call friends, but true friends?


Now I want to; study until the late Nights, Write beautifuly, work out real hard, be thin , be healthy hang out a lot more With my friends, have a boyfriend, have good hygen, good style, rutinneee!

So I decided, to make a documentary, where I try warios of tips from Magazines, and myself. I will also og around and ask different People what they think is Perfect. I will try this until Christmas, the episodes will be:

1.  What is perfect? Prolog

2. looks

3. at the gym working out +diet

4. edication

5. sosial

6. economics and charity

7. rutine

8. mental

9. exaaaaammmm

10. epilog +exam results


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