Merry cristmas! Im back, happy new year mission perfect+ book trailer.

So I will try to finish the first  episode of  Mission Perfect until this weekend!^^ Ohh and Look Im writng/written a book!!xD


Yeyy……My grades arent A….I think. (still havent goten the  result.)

Before I Close my eyes (

Before I close my eyes.

Hideki seems to live the dream of many. He is rich, he is famous, and he has a lovely fiancé…

He is always laughing smiling, together with his band he travels the world….the world loves him. Cheers on him, screams his name. However, the world knows nothing….Hideki was born with CHF (chronic heart failure) and when nobody is watching, he stares at the photo of his long gone triplet brother who died in a tragic accident. His other triplet however is alive and plays guitar in the band he sings in. 

From the very beginning, the brothers communicated with telepathy. What they did not know, was the consequences this would have…

Read and be amazed by the love of friendship, hardships of relationships and magic of the spells, cast by the spellcasters.

PS: I suck at writing summary..


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