mission perfect is cancelled?ILLUMINATI??

well, first of all I will soon start on the New semester and it wil be a fresh start and a New year!! Yepp, I have already red part 1 of my relgion book(1 part is five Chapters) I must just do all the exorcices!! Oh and I have began to organisise my life! I got more encoraging coments on my novel and I will scegule EVERYTHING!! Like the karate,dance, private lessons, School and maby baking? And ofcorse study,study,study! I will try to Write on here but…..Im so tiered when I get home…xD SORRY! So Yeah gym! And healthy Food!*munches on gingerbred cookie* Emmm….they where on sale…..ANNYWAY!

Project: Mission 01 Perfect CANCELLED? Whaaaaat?    Yes…I ident have enough Clips….but I will make a real good documentary!!>_<

And Illuminati? Just a cospiracy theory?

tumblr_mhnkllvx6m1s2p14so1_500 , it most likely is…I did some reasearch and…well, the world revolves around Money, right? so the celebreties KNOW HOW TO PLAY YOU! And sadely in politics we have those realy smart twisted ones that wraps us, the sivilians around their middelfinger…trying to suck us of Our Money…

Well why is the world so egosentric and matralistic then?

*sight* you have not gotten anything have you? Well obiosly you have sinse you are Reading this blogg post. Well let haters hate! It is in Our nature as humans to be egosentric or else we wouldent suvive most likely.

We love to have Things becose maeby we lack something that we despretly try to optain…


. . . . .. Eventualy yes…most likely will we suffer from Our own greed and die by the nature Powers still eksisting while we frantiacly tried to ruin it. And this wil most likely take YEARS! Floods wil come, beaches drown, ice caps melt and polar bears will extend.


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