This week in the perfectly perfect tea.

Yollo, my itti tittii pitti tea drinkers!:3
A little update on mah life!

1. I become this recluse!Lol couse…I sleep so long and so much lately…seriously! and when I Wake, Im like, og to my favorite cafe to study and stuff other stuff like shop some item I need , go to the doc, School(starts nekst week!) , my moms Place…Im bussy! So I dont talk to so many, well I talk With my inspiering little fairy!<3 Realy love her!!x3 And sometimes I og to make Music With other tens,work out or are political , so Yeah….I dont have so much extra time…xD

2. I should og to coffee houer thought….maeby when I get my life on tracs again.

3.Well I have started on New Projects again(lol) and Maby I will do Project Perfect? I need to film more, and beccouse I lack time I do it at the same time as I do something else.xD

4. Started to study chemistry!!Love it.<3 Its so much fun and so interesting when you mix to gasses and get a New gass! For instanse, did you know there where made O3-gass when tunder hit? its the ozon-gass…:3
And Nils Bohr(a Danish man) was realy awsome, I mean-*gets hit by a Fish* enough nerding…xD ahh…I love the periodic system…<3

I yet have to do the asigments thought…xD gotta keep on going so I dont fall behind!xD(School starts nekst week…)

AHHHRR!! Next week is full, wahhh! Its gonna be a long week…xD
Oh welll, whats up With you? Good I hope?^^
See yah!

Thank you for Reading!!!
Love yahh!!<3
-Disapaires under the teacup lid


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