popup from my teacup!

Hi my fluffy walkie-talkie mixed tea drinkers!:3
Okay…what a procastinating week…so I begin With Yeah…thah baad neews.:P
1. this week….I was sad….:( (when its not over a weeks period its not depresion folks.)
2. I DIDENT DO A SHIT!!!D: (nahh…wait…I did some Reading.:3 )
3. I missed out on my karate and dans class!D:
1. I felt good in class becouse I knew pretty much eerything about the subject!xD
2. I whent to the gym!^^
3. I cheecked the homeworks, and I have done NeXT weeks Reading in religion.xD
3. I stayed out of internet.:D (I blocked in on my comp!^^ )
But…I used my iphone much….yeh.>>

I will start topic of the week nekst week , so please leave a coment on what topic I should touch up on!:-)
Love you huys!<3
Until nekst week! See yaa!


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