My week! HYPNOSIS?! VENUS ANGELIC??!!SAD NEWS!?+Designs&moor

Good night teadrinkers! Ailin here! Hmm…On monday I spoke With my editor again and he said it was suprisingly good!(my book) ahaha I got loads of critic to thought.^^;; nd well…on tursdday I got hypnosis!!For the first time and just saying Im Learning how to use it too!
Well, its not Magic, but you now tricks for the mind!^^ Oh and seach up derren brown AMAZING illosjonist! And right now Im designing..,yepp my chars are gonna wear bodyline (a clothingline) inspired cloths! its 2 in the night…I should og to bed!!


Well I think she is smart, playing dumb so she get money.xD lol but she IS an enoying llittle BEACH, but I enjoy her videoes.hahaxD I came across one of her videoes when I seached how to look like a boy” on youtube, and voila!xD been subscriber ever since…..llol
but gotta og! I must do chemistry! nekst week, baibai boo!Love yah!! Thanks for Reading!!


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