Deep shit/the filosophy of 93 Tachi Ai. One new world order?

you need more Reference than an youtube video, but after what I have red and seen “the New world order” seems great. They want Peace, and that People dont kill echother anymore.
Just one thing bothers me, and that is all the sacrafices,
But then again, if this thing is real, God and the devil exists. Then God will save every lost/sacraficed soul, right? Then….well everything is fine right?

Oh and this thing about fake paradice on Earth before doomsday, is it wroung of People to be fooled? To be happy?
IF adam and Eve fell from Grace and Lucifer tempted Eve and all that stuff, its not Our fault we have an suvival instict to do the best for ourself.
Jeasus Crist is Our saviour right? He died on the cross for us, but then again who wouldent if you knew that Your sacrafice would save trillions of lives?
dont get me wrong here. I know Crist was sent by God,
I’m just a agnostic.
To be sceptic is in my nature.



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