as the night grows on…


And you try to hold on..

but you are fealing a little less real.

Greeting my melting warm teadrinkers!!Yeah…Im sorry for my vivid updates lately but, hey its summer v-kay! So Yeah, still same shit helping my dad move…and sone I’m going to move to!(in sep/Oc) home to Japan-hitWithAfiish-teclycally Im half Norwegian to so Norway is my home too….

anyway, so I can tell a bitt about my trip to Japan, I whent there 18/6 and was draged home-yes FORCED home on 16/7 (I diden want to leave…*sniffle* )

I fooled around and flirted With 5 boys there, and got a host boyfriend!Lol (We have broken up now.) and ran into him.

He saved me, from getting kidnaped by Yakuza!(Japanese Mafia gang) 

His name is Yagi, and he’s realy cute!!<3

And near the end of my stay, I pased the audition to a talent agency!!

I got a part time jobb there too, but I hated it so much I cried  on the way home every night and quit it. And becouse I worked so hard I nearly slept I got a Cold…

20140726_004053 20140726_010504 My little “wish/memorie” corner (left) and above my desk. (right)


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