Sorry but you know Im randome lately, and Im trying to strike a deal with the devi(Lucifer)l!;-) LOL anyway,..Today I want to  talk about Lucifer! And Passport!:D Im getting a passport! SO EXITED!!:3 ohh… and yeah FILOSOFIKAL SHITT!!xD Okay, so Lucifer dont seem like a so bad guy to me…well he did kil…like 10 people? and God MANY SO MANY I dont remenber…

God wants you to OBAY him like a DOG vs Satan who gave us sience. WHO is best? LOL God sayes you burn in ertanity if you brake ONE RULE(like the white lie) but Lucifer dont care.


He is my whisper is the:LUCIFEEEER!

Oh and today Im getting my JAPANESE PASSPORT!!!:DD YEY!


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