Powerful is the stars illuminating the night sky

…..no I´m not talking about illuminati you conspiracy morrons. xD LOL


I´m talking about my friends…they are stars for me, lighting up some of my most difficoult times….even thought I will be riding home from Norway this monday, my mom and I are going through a bitt of a struggle. Yes, economically rough times.:/ but luckely for me I got my friends to help me out.

I can ask my dad but I dont feel like I have the right too….because he has helped me out a way to much already, Im independent , damn it! I got pride!!lol

So I rather ask my network of friends. And yes, some of them are willing to help….

Well over to school work shall we? Of yes, this year Im studying history and Theology. Its so damn interesting! I mean to learn about the fundemental reasons to our behavior. And I must say history is important too, I mean for many reasons….


Oh and yeah…my face got swollen…couse , well wisdom theeth. I have to take it out today.D: WAAAA! I DONT WANNA!DX erhhh…..I will uploade photoes after wards…

thuussss my teacup drinkers!




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