my own little coffee shop

yes hello and yello my in-the-middle-of-the-night-toast-eating yappis and yuppies!

I have slowly gotten myself back on the tracks from being a total burn out after moving to Japan and life’s bittersweet melody sweeps me in with melodies of melacony~

yupp yupp me and mom finally have gotten an apartment! I gotten myself a cashing card with hello kitty on and greentea is delicious!

A friend of mine is looking at me as his little sister too lol and I might have cursed my mom in my sleep! SONY DSCOops!!

My studies about world history and Japanese is going better and better and tomorrow I’m starting acting school.

The food here is sooo delicious and especially the bred omg. It is so soft and good! I also love the traditional foods..,takoyaki yum.


goodbye my illy dotty tea lovers . See you soon!

avier sen.



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