Good tea, my fellow tea-drinkers of delicious raindropplet tea from leafshaped tea cups!

Welcome!! You are now enjoying tea with me, my crew and diary!


PS!:I mentioned that I did travel economy premium for the first time?Yes? Ahhh.<3

OMG!! I got some great news! Like I was at this music producer today to talk about my lyrics(I thought) but then to my suprise it was an audition and I passed it!!! I AM SO GREATFUL I COULD LITERALLY JUST FAINT RIGHT NOW!!!;W; Im so happy! One step closer to my ultimate dream!!;W;

Guys, Im fealing so grateful now I am crying tears of joy, just laughing in my pink sheep covered pusjamas!IMG_0751

I started to train regulary too, and just everything is going my way recently, and Im super happy and grateful!!

So I started off today a bitt lazy and whent on my phone to check my latest updates in my apps then I ate breakfaust.

And I can not lie I did procastinate a little to start the chores. (giggle) But when I finaly started man, I think I did a great jobb!

After that my training for a flat tummy and then I bearly got the time to study before we had to leave for Wada productions


And Im going to have my first concert in April! Omg Im nerveous!!xD But it will be a little stage so, Im safe.^^

Yey baibai!  Auf Wiedersehen!!


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