Tighgap rant??I am having a concert,cleaning,new morning routine+MANDY???


Tigh gap??

Hello, long time no see! I am soo ao sorry!Please forgive me, you know life happens when you least expect it! Hello my fellow rainbow sprinkled  tea-druggies! so yeah, today I wanna talk about tigh gaps! You know, the widely popular concept tigh gap…well anatomically speaking you should have a tight gap if you are in your idial weight.

Okay…I found a much better article about it here http://www.jensinkler.com/close-thigh-gap/ that explanes it all, haha;; And I thought to bring up the same things as she does mostly…but a tight gap is  not imposible to reach even thought you have a endomorph or mesomorph body.

Concert and new morning rutine?!

Well,well I am practicing everyday now to my debute concert 26. April! Woww! I am soo exited! Well the downside is  that I hardly get time to study!:-(

The new morning rutine concicts off: I get up at 06:30 I wash my face, brush my teath,wash my body/shower and put on cream on.(first I wash it with foam , then I splash 化粧水 (keshousui-I dont know the name in english makeup water?….

DONT SHOOT ME!!-shot- ) Before I eat furmated beans on toast(Natto toast!) I work out and clean!

Then I have to do sosial media(Yes I HAVE TO, becouse of my contract) try to write some ideas for/in my book/later in the book)

Meditation, candles and tea!

I meditate and relax for some minutes before the day begins!


Mandy Tachi F.A

And in January, I felt something come inside me that is going to help me preform. Her name is Mandy, and well she is here to stay. She finds my train card , loves blended tea and baciicaly protects me!

On the 26 April I am preforming as Mandy, and for 15 min you get to watch her sing her heart out! Im excited!!

(JP version will come here later, I have other stuff to do now)

Remenber folks everything is possible in a world that is this crazy. Talk to you nekst week! What do you think about this trend tigh gap? Coment below!

-auf widersehen!!


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