Does the tea taste good?

Hello my tecups of wonders!


largeAll good? Well I´m living a wonderful life

Like, off the boards awsome! I manage to study in the night now, so im moor free. I know sience suggests to study in the morning instead(Sometimes I do that too) and I know I promised you guys a JP translation that never came(日本の方が読んでくれてたら胴も住みませんでした。本当にもし分けないです!) But yeah, I forget things at times.

Oh well moving on….

A blue dress have been sirculating on the nett…


acording to some people its blue and black to others its white and gold…to me its grey and dark blue, but never mind…im not gonna rant about it becouse it is stupid. People have sensores in the eyes that is stimulated by light and depending on the amount of light in the photo and angle its seen from that differs , on this picture thought its clearly black and blue.

moving on!

Im currently in my room, listening to rain outside my apartment window and Hatsune Miku music. Lol,

I wanted to work out and clean my room but then I realised I have still not updated my blogg! And I was like “Scheiße! Its my fricking jobb, and I forgot my weekly update! And then ofcorce I had to start typing in this!

Hmm…and so I want to ask you. What is your favorit vocaloid song? Mine is Gumi-donor song. Just because it is telling a very important message. And then there is this song “Hurting for a very hurtfull pain.”- VY2 and VY1

So auf widersehen! I hope you have a wonderfull day!


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