Today is a new way, my day! My blended philosophy

Yolo tea-drinkers! Supeeer tired Mandy here.

Gardens: stars

If the majority is right, are we all wrong? thats one of the themes in my book. Its a fantasy trilogy, I know will be a hit when it  hit the market. Its a lot about illness but also about moving on and hope.

With a strong message : one of them about Lucifer that he is a bringer of light not darkness.

But then again we need duality to function in this world.

Maby at a astral plane there is only light but without the shades of grey life would be boring wouldn’t it?

There would be an absolute inner peace but when that is all you ever feel, what is it then?

Well like any other, I am afraid of being judged so I rearly talk about stuff like this to anyone, because they will think Im borderline nuts.

I have experienced enough discrimination in my life, not being allowed inn because I looked drunk.

Yes, people look down on others who are different than them. This is natural because of our ancestors fears still linger in that part of our brain with cognitive functions.

We see people that are different as a thret.

I am so grateful thought for being able to live the way I do today. Even if I did drop out, I will fech that up again as I sniff the aroma of sucsses.

To live for only if it is one day, I am grateful. For this journey…but I don’t want life ressorses to be used unnecessary so I want to reach fulfillment.

Fullfillment will affect my life greatly because it will give meaning to my life.

auf widersehen! Teacups filled with delicious tea lets excange life stories! Coment with your experience!


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