Thank youuuuu! + Winter wonderland/easter-trip,gratefullnessPRIVACY?

IMG_4518Omg! I got to sit first class for the first timeeeee!!!<3 OMG! I can not get over myself!

Anyway….the custom service was great, the food was lovely, especially the anzu cake.<3 Yum! And I relaxed in confort as the seats where super soft!

SO thank you for the upgrade! Brithis Airways is the best!<3 Moving on…

Im back in norway now, staying at dads place. For the easter brake, dad is home then.:-)

I take a lot of funny photoes so please join my little tea party and head over to my instagram! my name on IG is east_west_blended! yeah!!

the flight from London to Oslo was delade however.^^; and it made passangers quite grumphy, but whyn dont we all be gratefull for being able to buy traveling tickets in the first place, in stead of yelling about the inconvinience its causing you.

you could use those minutes to meditate around life.

Oh and I wount talk about like, my love life here, its private.:-)

until next week, my tea-loving customers of awsome!


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