Yellow hallow my delicious tea drinkaholics!


Hello! Now ready for my latest adventures?

Well, I have traveled to Norway and I buyed my boyfriend stuff!(And his family) yeah, for my friends waiting in Japan too! Oh and I have been really meditating lately, finding my inner peace. Yeah like talking to myself and stuff(yeah crazy stuff like that) and yessss going without sleep is real dangerous? or? Lol Im tired…but anyway I have to talk to you guys. So like I did some serious thinking and I thought like: Why the hell not sell my soul to Sataniel and his materialistic demons? Or like to Lucifer and his jucy knowlegde? Like I MISS MY Bae.D: ;W; Waaaaaaa …. anyway, heared the 50 shades of grey soundtracks? They got some really cool stuff going on!

So wouldent you leave a coment and TELL ME something for a diference. What is your life like now?Would you sell your soul? And then for what in that case?



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