sushi dinner+soon holding concert+philosophy??+rewritingAGAIN??

Well greetings tea lovers!! Welcome to tonights tea party!!


I want to begin with daddys birtday! he is 60, love you daddy!<3<3 We had expensive dinner , where we had fabilous sushi, like seriously I died and went to heaven, good!xD lol

And My concert is coming up soon! But Im not worried, should I be? It will work out, lol litteraly.

oh and I have been meditating and stuff, like I think we all should be moore gratefull and stuff. Like our senses…our beds …we shoul just in general be moore gratefull…its not to be forgotten those who suffer pain everyday, those poor babies that dont have clean water, those animals that go extinct, people without a home.

Its easy to take for granted , I know! To se, hear, smell…walk , talk and smile,laugh, run! But its not everybody that can that! And

when you try to end your life, think about all those kids,teen and adults who want to live longer to fall in love for the first time, get married and have children but are taken away by the waves of death so to soon.

Remenber to honor them and live your life. With effort you can make it shine, make a perfect life for you.

“There is a meaning in everybodys life. Those who take their own lifes have just not found it yet.”

Yes, Im rewriting again…but you know writing is rewriting.

-auf widersehen!
gute nacht meine Teetassen ehrfürchtigen!!<3

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