Hello my itty beach loving tea drinkers!+HELP MEE!!!+本当にもし分けない日本語のツランスレチオン

appleishereHi! Wow did I update this week? So sorry I-I havent….but I just flyed back to Japan after visiting dad and it was really long trip home to Japan and there I had to look up Youtube Japan really quickly! Tomorrow I will get the dates to the auditions,

And well, I really dont want to say this to you guys, ….but I need your help….this is my humble cry to you guys…

You are practecly my family right? I mean I call out to you and you listen , I am soo proud of all of you, thank you soo much!

You see to get to attend the workshops you have to have 100+ subscribers on youtube. I have two channels , my main nomixedteajp has 28 subs and Tachi Mandy(due to no videoes yet) has a subscriber rate at 1.

so here is my request guys:

Please head over to my main channel at the time of being and subscribe here is the link:


sorry I have to run so here goes a crappy JP translation











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