My study habbits..

my lovely Mixedtea drinkers! I will here Write about studyhabbits… to my self…xD

Habbit is not an act but a habbit.



so…first off I og to an cafe, where I just sip my cup of tea/ coffee and read….read read…..and maeby Write a bit/plenty. But anywaaay , good Music is esensial and Mozart is good. Block Your internet /or sosial sites and stuff you like to procastinate at.
Ailins study routine (the 愛-guide)

1. Read the text.
2. Take your time reading, and when you are done with one page,, ask yourself, what did I just read about? Answer it, pretend that you are holding a seminar about the subject.
3. Write down with own words facts about the subject you just red.
4. Write down difficult words (Latin?) on flashcards and memorise them.

5. Write 100 questions that you answer yourself per. Chapter.
Make a short resume of what you read about.
and it helps to og to a ca-gets hit by a fish- . . .


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