sushi dinner+soon holding concert+philosophy??+rewritingAGAIN??

Well greetings tea lovers!! Welcome to tonights tea party!! I want to begin with daddys birtday! he is 60, love you daddy!<3<3 We had expensive dinner , where we had fabilous sushi, like seriously I died and went to heaven, good!xD lol And My concert is coming up soon! But Im not worried, should I … More sushi dinner+soon holding concert+philosophy??+rewritingAGAIN??

Thank youuuuu! + Winter wonderland/easter-trip,gratefullnessPRIVACY?

Omg! I got to sit first class for the first timeeeee!!!<3 OMG! I can not get over myself! Anyway….the custom service was great, the food was lovely, especially the anzu cake.<3 Yum! And I relaxed in confort as the seats where super soft! SO thank you for the upgrade! Brithis Airways is the best!<3 Moving … More Thank youuuuu! + Winter wonderland/easter-trip,gratefullnessPRIVACY?


今日は名刺をつくりました!歌の練習をやりましたステファニーにも会いました、色んな人に会う機会がありまして誠にありがとうにゃん♥︎ 昨日はとくにステキですた♥︎ Today I made visit cards!  I also did singing training I also met with Stephany! , today I got to meet alot of people that I’m very grateful for.  


Hellow my shiny yellow stylish teacups! Do you like the small cookies you just ordered?  Im sorry its some days late but …you know life happnes…I must have 1 spesific date and time to do it! Oh well…Hm? Thank you sir, I appriciate it! 皆さま、こにちわ!これまで英語でかかさせていたていただきましたが、これでそれはやめにさせていっただきます。 最近は忙しくがんばていきました。それで、英会話とかモデルとか音楽、友達。。。 満月って凄くく素敵で不思議ですね。 =マンディ 2015 よんでいただき、誠にありがとうございます。 auf widersehen!