Yellow, an new tea is coming out!

Ginger&Spice…Pumpkin with coats of chocolate …..milk and vanilla!

Hellow my tea drinkers this week on mixed!:

Like omg , Halowen is here! Like tomorrow, gosh 109(A vey popular shopping mall)  going to be crowded! This week I have to admit…I have to study moor! EPPP! Im soo behind (Again) that this night I Have to stay up!Lol…this is not good at all for my modeling carriere….oh well, moving on!

So I landed on haneda and the Pilot did bump the tiers on the runway but it whent fine. And finaly after dreaming about it so long I was in Japan! (I was still a bitt swollen cuz my visdoms thooth but yeah)  Anyway me and mom rode a taxi home to my grandmas place and my life began.

Fresh new start.

After we rested a while after the trip I whent to a bank and made a new account! Why? So that I can get payed when I work as a talento , ofcorse silly!

And then I cast a gruge on mom….lol jk. At least she thinks so becouse she fell ill the same night as she over heared me mumbling in my sleep on a language not she knew of! (English ,Japanese, Norwegian/Swidish/Danish/German…etc)

She had to undergo sugery the same night, and she was like “if I die….:” all so dramatic while I laughed it off.

Well and today I FINALY sent the contract that I had signed on to the talent ageny.

OH! And Im looking for a jobb! (part-time! So I can study and do the talento thing on the side)

Do any of my fellow tea-drinking mashmallows know where I can get a jobb?:3

Okay, see you nekst week, sorry my randome posts but I dont have internett at my grandmas, so…..

Baibaiboo my spooky teen aging lovers of tea!:-*


What are you going as? coment below, I would loooove to read it! Im going as a fallen angel!;)


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